Theater Club Practices for Perfection

GUIDANCE: Mrs. Good guides and instructs cast members as they rehearse Act 2 of “Tammy: A Coming of Age Story About a Girl Who is Part T-Rex”. She gave the performers tips and tricks on how to improve their production. “This play has presented us with lots of fun, but also lots of challenges,” said Mrs. Good.

Theater Club is already busy working on their upcoming presentation. They will be performing a play that is deep and moving, but still lighthearted enough to keep an upbeat atmosphere. “This play is a really exaggerated representation of middle school,” said Izzy Jones. “Tammy’s feeling of being a dinosaur is an allegory for feeling out of place,” explained Izzy.

BEST FRIENDS: Celia Pardillo-Lopez and Gia Bradford rehearse their scene. They worked on memorizing their lines and enunciating their words well. “My character (Tammy) represents preteen angst and all the crazy emotions that come along with being a middle schooler,” explained Gia.

When asked to go into more depth about her character, Gia was glad to elaborate. “Tammy is very much like the average preteen in the aspect that she just wants to fit in and belong. Throughout the play we get to see the ups and downs of being a middle school-er and the hilarious situations that come with it,” said Gia. Hope, played by Celia, is Tammy’s best friend in the play.

FUN ACTION: The cast moves around props for their choreography. They rearranged chairs to achieve classroom like settings. “It’s hard to be in a show with so many people, but the amount of experience and love I’ve gotten out of it is overwhelming,” said Rhys Darr.

With all the work that’s being put into this production, it’s bound to be a great show. “This play has been a unique experience because all the scene transitions are set to pop songs and are choreographed,” explained Mrs. Good. The cast will perform Wednesday, October 25th, and Thursday, October 26th.






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