A LITTLE HELP. After the lunch bell rang, it was time to go to class. Tim Carnahan, 11, and Rohith Tudi, 11, have a brief talk about physics class before class starts. The two boys had a few spare minutes after the lunch bell rang on Friday, September 21, Tim Carnahan, right, helped explain a concept learned earlier in the week, “Force vectors aren’t that bad if you remember geometry. I can help you if you want.”

NO RUSH TO CLASS. In no hurry, Madeeha Sadiq, 10, and Amara VanMatre, 10, walk to chemistry class. The two girls talk about the masteringchemistry that is due their seventh hour. Madeeha Sadiq, left, tells Amara, right, “It wasn’t the most difficult assignment that we’ve had, but it still took a long time to finish.” Both of them had it done and were ready for the quiz that day.

A BRIEF CONVERSATION. Caroline Parker, 11, and Abby McCain, 10, talk about how excited they are for the softball callout. They have been waiting ever since last season ended for the callout and season to start. Caroline Parker, left, says to Abby McCain, right, “My favorite part about softball season is the bus rides to and from games that we win or lose. Because no matter what the outcome is we are still a team and love to have fun.”

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