Tips for completing the Common Application

Senior year has begun and many students have starting preparing for college the application process. Students can use the Common Application to do their essay and college applications. The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application that students can use to apply to more than just one college. Some students have already started theirs and some have not. Here are some tips from the West Side seniors on how to complete your Common App successfully.

  1. ”I have the list of colleges that I am going to apply to but haven’t finished the essays for them yet. The advice I’d give to anyone is to get started on it earlier than you’d think!”-Harry Shook
  2. ”Use your resources, ask your counselors and parents for help”-Grace Brantley
  3. ”I would recommend to start early because the application process is a lot more work than you would expect. Do little by little and don’t wait till the last minute.”-Abby Park
  4. “Sit with your parents while filling out the parent information to get all the answers you need.”-Mary Schultz
  5. “Don’t procrastinate”-Seif Benjemia

Starting early on the application process is an important tip to use. You don’t want to be stuck doing it all the week before, try to plan ahead. To complete the application with all the information you need having your parents nearby while filling it out may be helpful. Also speaking with your school conselor is also another way to find out anything you may not know about the Common Application.


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