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Sevigny 3v3 Tournament

On Sunday March 27th, the BOSS club hosted the annual Sevigny 3v3 Basketball Tournament.  Students who participated in the tournament put together teams of 3 to 5 people and went against other teams for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, curtesy of Mrs. Sevigny, wife of Mr. Sevigny. After the long week of catching up after the end of spring break, this event allowed for students to blow off steam and have fun before starting another school week.

All BOSS members working the tournament and participants of the games group together for a photo to commemorate the day. After much planning, the club president Mahad Faruqi (11) were able to rent out the high school gym for 5 hours to host the tournament. “We have a lot of events, and it’s really fun. All of the proceeds [from the events] go to organizations, like the Sevigny Scholarship Fund, [that better other people and students],” Ian Kim (10) said.

The 3v3 tournament was named after Mr. Sevigny, an ex-West Side Social Studies teacher and BOSS club sponsor, who tragically died a few years back. This year, 11 teams and 45 people had signed up for the event, and participation costs raised money for the Sevigny Scholarship Fund. The first place winners of the tournament, and the winners of the $100 Visa gift card, were The Liver Kings, made by Evan Cooke (11), Wyatt Curl (11), and Tyce Parker (11), who played No Runner-Ups in the finals of the winner’s bracket and won 15-11. Ironically, second place was team No Runner-Ups, which consists of Donovan Loudermill (10), Dominic Loudermill (12), and Bryce Ezell (11), and third place was The Founding Fathers, made by Shaheer Faruqi, Minshen Ho (ex-sponsor for the club), and Zuhayr Badsha, and also the winners of the loser’s bracket.

Tyce Parker (11) looks to Wyatt Curl (11) to pass the ball. 5 of the 6 players in this final match were on the school’s basketball team, which made it difficult for either team to score on the other due to their knowledge of how each other plays.

Wyatt Curl (11) goes up to a BOSS member to pick out the court his team is playing on. After a long 4 and a half hours of playing basketball, and winning, Wyatt’s team ended up winning the Sevigny Tournament. “I mean, we hoped to win, but we didn’t think we’d win as many games as we did. It was tiring, for sure, but it was cool to get the $100 and a medal,” Curl said.

Because of the many students who signed up for the tournament, many BOSS members had to work either score or bracket placement. Although there was much to do, many of the members enjoyed being able to watch the many basketball games that were going on. “I think it’s pretty entertaining. There’s a lot of competition, though some of the teams aren’t fair, but you know what, it’s entertaining,” Ian Kim (10) said.

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