Too Much?

Athletes and Mental Health

The summer and winter Olympics showed an unprecedented pattern of American stars unable to compete to their projected capacity. These two situations could reflect a larger picture that affects all athletes, including you, the student athletes of West Side.

High school student athletes face the tough balance of in school and after school responsibilities. The pressure to uphold their own standards, as well as those of coaches, teachers, and parents puts them at risk for frequent anxiety, depression, burnout, and other mental struggles. Many don’t have the resources to seek counseling, therapy, or tutoring, due to a lack of money, time, or a healthy support system.

Start the conversation. Listen to your friends and teammates, and most importantly, to your own mind and body. You don’t have to be an Olympian for your struggles to be valid. Losses and mistakes don’t make you a lesser human. You are enough. You’re doing great.



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