Tough Love: Why V-Day Sucks

Valentine’s Day. A day of chocolate, flowers, and corny romantic comedies. Love fills the air and blah blah blah.

Although V-Day has the reputation for being a happy, cheerful holiday, it strikes many people as…well…stupid.

SHELLING OUT:  Flowers, chocolates, and candy hearts are some of the stereotypical items purchased on Valentine's Day every year.  Be more creative, people...candy hearts are nasty anyway.
SHELLING OUT: Flowers, chocolates, and candy hearts are some of the stereotypical items purchased on Valentine’s Day every year. Be more creative, people…candy hearts are nasty anyway.

A holiday celebrating “love?” Really? For guys in relationships, it’s just another day of trying to fulfill their girlfriend’s high expectations. Single guys on the other hand…don’t really care.

Girls that are lucky enough to have a boyfriend get the pleasure of their boyfriend catering to their every need. Footrub? You got it. Bouquet of flowers? Not a problem. Climb up the side of the Empire State Building? Anything for you, babe.  Single girls tend to have the responsibility of complaining about the ridiculousness of the holiday, when truly, they just want a boyfriend.

February 14th is not a proper date for the holiday anyway. It limits the guys’ options for date ideas and by February, everyone is sick and tired of the cold anyway. This leads to ticked off people and crappy dates.

There are some positive things about Valentine’s Day, such as the movies. Nothing brings smiles to peoples’ faces faster than a mediocre love story highlighted by mediocre actors doing a mediocre job. Never mind, the movies are trash as well.

People think that the more you spend on a gift for your honey, the more you prove your love for them.  But really, this just means that couples have to compensate for their lack of effort in the relationship during the other 364 days of the year. It winds up being a lose-lose scenario where you spend ridiculous amounts of money on fancy flowers and chocolates that will just wither and be eaten, respectively.

Truthfully, Valentine’s Day isn’t horrible. It has its merits if done right, but society has made it into a candy company holiday that just lures people into wasting money and effort. In our opinion, this doesn’t truly reflect love.

So enjoy your luxurious chocolates and flowers, because kids in Africa are starving. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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