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COMMON APPS : Mrs. Riley explains to her advanced comp class what it means to write a personal narrative. She put one of the prompts for the common app on the board and gave her students class time to answer it in their journals. “I love my Advanced Comp classes, seeing all the seniors I feel like I see what this school puts out and it’s amazing,” she said.

New teacher and former journalist Mrs. Riley loving it here

From copy editing and interviewing to leading a classroom, new teacher Mrs. Riley applies her journalistic writing skills to her new job teaching advanced composition and ENL.

After high school, Mrs. Riley went to college for journalism. Following her graduation and undergraduate degree in journalism, Mrs. Riley worked for a company called Bicycle Indiana. This is a company in Indianapolis that advocates for better bike laws. Working there, Mrs. Riley primarily worked in graphic design and copy editing. After a while, Mrs. Riley decided she needed a change. “It got kind of boring in a way. I just took assignments, did them by myself, and sent it along,” she said.

The next step for Mrs. Riley was something a little bit different. Following her job at Bicycle Indiana, she decided to pursue world travel, specifically Europe. After enjoying traveling abroad, she decided it was time to go home and change up her career. Mrs. Riley, following Europe, decided to go to IUPUI and participate in their Transition to Teaching program. There, she took night classes and was a student teacher for a nearby school, Decatur Central High school, and ended up getting her teaching degree in one year.

Mrs. Riley’s first job in teaching was at the school she student taught at, Decatur, in Indianapolis. She taught there because it was in Indianapolis, her home, but after awhile, she decided it was best for her family, her husband and her daughter, to look for a new job. Her husband worked in West Lafayette during her four years at Decatur, commuting from Indianapolis to West Lafayette, so they decided that in order to have more family time, she would look for a job closer to her husband’s and the family would move to West Lafayette. 

After applying for a few jobs in the West Lafayette / Lafayette Area, Mrs. Riley decided that West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High school was the best fit for her. “It had the subjects I wanted to teach, has a great administration, and a great atmosphere,” she said. Currently, Mrs. Riley teaches Advanced Composition and ENL and she is loving it.  “It doesn’t really compare to my last spot, and I don’t think it will compare to any other school I could think of going to,” she said. “And then, working with the ENL students is like a dream for me. I’ve told my husband I feel like I couldn’t have picked better classes.  I love my day.”

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