Trying to Fall in Love with Fall

A winter glove sits in a bush on Tuesday afternoon, November 21, 2017, showing the drastic changes from day to day. “The weather is different everyday. One day it will feel like a warm fall day, and the nest, it’s freezing,” says Harry Shook, 11.

Fall is 90 days. All in all, that isn’t a very long time, about one fourth of one year of your life. That seems pretty insignificant, but what happens with the weather during fall is not. In a survey conducted on Twitter, 46 percent of students said fall was their favorite season, but how do we feel the erratic weather?

I think we can all agree that fall is pretty temperamental. A week in fall can contain both 65 degree days, as well as 40 degree days.  

“When the weather cools off, but then gets hot again, the runs can be pretty miserable,” says Emma Tate, 11, about working out in the inconsistent climate. 

With Fall coming to an end, we are seeing some serious changes to the weather. Colder, wetter days are before us. But why does this happen? Mrs. Hipsher has the scoop, “The main reason for temperature/precipitation variations during spring and fall is the jet stream. The jet stream is a fast-moving band of air in the upper atmosphere that moves weather systems from west to east across the United States. In the summertime, the jet stream likes to hang out way to our north (over Canada), which allows large masses of warm air from the south to settle over us here in Indiana. As we move into fall, the jet stream starts to dip lower into the U.S., and it brings cold air from Canada with it. However, the jet stream’s location fluctuates quite a bit during spring and fall. So it might dip down and bring cold air for a few days, and then travel back northward for a few days and allow warm air from the south to heat us up again.”

Other students feel that the weather is not a big of a deal as it may seem. Addison Jordan, 12, says, “The ever-changing fall weather is nothing compared to the school’s fluctuation in temperature.”

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