Valentine’s Day for Singles

Here is a Valentine’s Day video for those without a significant other to celebrate it with, in other words, singles. Despite the typical stigma of being single on Valentine’s Day, several students we interviewed actually had positive attitudes towards the day. Some claimed it was a mere commercial holiday, intended to profit off of romantic relationships. In addition, it simply serves to make single people feel lonely and sad. Others however, saw an opportunity to celebrate platonic love in its several forms: family, friends, and pets. Watch this video if you want insight into how others feel about being single on Valentine’s Day, if you’re lucky enough not to have experienced it yourself.

VALENTINE’S GIGGLES: Freshman Zoe Lister laughs awkwardly when asked how she feels about being single on Valentine’s Day. Others respond to the same question with varying degrees of positivity. “I think it’s nice of them to appreciate each other, I don’t think it a reason to judge them,” she said.

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