Vista Dance Set-Up Photo Gallery

Isabella Jones, 12, tapes up streamer in the junior high gym on Friday afternoon for the homecoming dance. Jones is on the executive board for VISTA, a club that helps to choose dance themes and prepare decorations. “I chose to be an executive because I always really enjoyed the club and thought I had a lot of ideas to contribute and I’m really good at organizing and planning.”


Carley Allington, 11, helps design a poster for the Wizard of Oz themed dance on Saturday. Allington is new to the club and reflects on joining. “I wanted to try something new. It was very hot, but it was fun.” said Allington.


Dakota Martin, 11, helps cut out paper shoes to make signs for the homecoming dance. Martin is a new member, but is already having fun in the club. “I love setting up for the dances and the shirts are cute too. I really love school dances and wanted to participate in them. So far, I love it!”


Sarah Mi, 11, helps set up the streamers for the Wizard of Oz themed dance on Saturday. Sarah loves setting up and watching the magic happen. “I think it’s super cool to see the individual parts come together to create and environment where everyone can have a good time.”


Students help create sign with dance-goers names to be put up on the wall for Saturdays dance. Students can have fun hunting for their name on the wall and taking a picture with their date next to it. Sydney Bradley, 11, helped contribute to these signs. “I like the fact that I get to be a part of something so fun”, says Bradley.

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