Wall of Pride honors distinguished alumni

On Friday September 28th the Wall of Pride celebrated alumni and honored their achievements.

A few select students were assigned an alum and spent the whole day with them. They visited classes that their alum was interested in for a few periods until lunch. The seniors and juniors all gathered in the auditorium after lunch for a convocation with all of the alumni and their West Lafayette student representatives.

Each honored alumni gave a speech on what they wanted the students of West Side to really understand and learn about the importance of our school. Kyle Hazell,12 says, “I was with Josh Thiel and the best thing I learned was that you don’t necessarily find your calling early in life or where you expect to find it.”

Harry Shook,12, also participated in the Wall of Pride day. Shook says, “The wall of pride was a really great experience. To hear all the advice that these extremely accomplished west Side graduates was very special. It made me feel very lucky to be able to attend West Side.”

Caroline Sautter,12. walked around the school day with Vicki Veenker. She says, “I walked around with Vicki Veenker for the day and learned how she was a representative of a Nobel laureate. It was really cool to learn about the inductees accomplishments coming from the same high school as us.” 

Grace Kirchner,12, spent Friday with Dr.Oesterle during the Wall of Pride. They visited Bio and Chem Honors and AP Bio. Kirchner says “Getting to meet Dr. Oesterle really gave me insight on what I want to accomplish in my life. Not only do I want to help others, I want to be apart of something bigger than I am.”


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