Want winning winter style?

It’s December. It’s the time of the year when all you want to wear is sweatpants and a hoodie. Here are some outfit DIY formulas that can get you in the game.

On wintry, blah days when you have to go out but you’d rather be sitting by the fire place, sipping hot cocoa, throw on some leggings (soft leather or knit) and an oversized cut off (shirt, sweater, or top). You don’t have to dress according to your size; oversize is in and tight is old school.Knot it loosely around the hip for a change.

Still not warm enough? Throw on a slouchy, oversized gray coat; you can look for them in thrift stores. Drape your favorite fuzzy scarf and you’ll feel like you’re still under the covers while still looking cute.

Fashion is very experimental right now and its all about wearing styles that clash. Wear something feminine, like an evening flimsy skirt with heavy boots, or a sequined girly top with a denim jacket. Delicate pieces go very well with heavy, chunky, metallic jewelry.

Shorts and tights are meant for each other! So get out your denim cut off shorts and wear them with boots, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, scarves…what’s not to like about it? And if you can find some neat tattoo tights, that might be more “you.” The best part of cut off shorts is that you can make them yourself out of a pair of old mom jeans.  Shorts let you layer up with long socks and tights that you can’t fit comfortably under jeans. Your shoes will also stand out more.

Lightweight pleated skirts are no longer for summery evenings. Mix it with tights, a leather jacket, and boots. On chilly days add some thick textured and colored tights. You can even put on some vibrant lipstick and throw on an army jacket. Old favorite plaids (red, black and white) are popular and comfortable this season. If you are feeling a little infantile, large sweaters with animal prints are very elementary.

No matter what pieces of clothing you own, you can always mix it up to create an original look and add a favorite accessory- stacked bracelets, a hat, or scarves. There is no faux pas in today’s fashion, only faux fur; it’s all about mixing and matching so stick with these tips and you’ll be très chic!


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