WEB EXCLUSIVE: Facebook and Relationships

During your relationship, you will inevitably encounter problems with the social networking site, Facebook. The widely-known site has become a breeding ground for annoying couples. Here are a few tips to keep your friends from virtually barfing.

I have said it before. Don’t change your relationship status right after you ask a girl out. Also don’t pull out your phone and change it right at the moment. It’s awkward and creepy and you’ll most-likely be changing your status to “single” in about an hour.

Do not litter your girlfriend’s wall with posts about how your love is “vaster than the 7 seas.” First of all if she isn’t creeped out she’s probably weird. Also, no one cares. I know that you think that people will get jealous of the fact that you have a significant other, and they’ll look up to your macho-ness. Take a reality check, buddy. No one cares. Also no hearts on their walls too. It just makes it look like you can’t talk to her in person. Oh, and if you want to look macho, doing said things will make you look completely whipped to your friends, and you definitely do not want that.

Another thing that is completely embarrassing that couples do on Facebook is post pictures that express their undying love. Ew. Just Ew. Would you like your grandmother seeing that? No! And no one else wants to see it either. Keep your personal stuff off of the web.

So, in conclusion, please use messages to communicate to your girlfriend, not her wall, and keep the personal stuff  out of everyone’s news feeds. Just remember, not doing these things will keep your relationship strong and functioning normally.


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