West Side participates in Purdue Men’s Choral Festival

On February 19th, Purdue is holding their annual Purdue Men’s Choral Festival. This year for the first time, West Side is participating in it. The concert will be held in Purdue’s Elliot Hall of Music. The festival is happening throughout the entire day from 9:30 am-8 am. The boys in Advanced Chorale, Priority Male, and Concert Choir will be partaking in the closing performance for this upcoming event. They will be performing along with other schools and in total, around 300 other singers. The program consists of the songs, “Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’,” “Scarborough Fair,” and “Let All Men Sing.”

“It’s going to be really cool to be singing with the glee club,” Alex Hummels ’16 said. “They’re a top notch group.”

Mr. Waltz, the choir teacher has been getting the boys ready for the performance. Advanced Chorale and Concert Choir practices during class, while Priority Male practices during lunch. Since a large number of the boys in the acapella group are also in the classes, those boys help teach the others. This makes the learning process more easy and productive.

“The guys in Priority Male this year have been great at learning music quickly,” said Stephen Sutton ’15, one of the presidents of Priority Male.

“I’m looking forward to the festival and being able to sing with many other talented singers, as well as being able to spend the day with the guys in both choir and Priority Male.”

During this time of year, with ISSMA keeping the music program busy,  the choir works on many small ensemble pieces.

“It’s a cool time for leaders to develop within the group, and to see that dynamic develop,” Mr. Waltz said. “It’s fun to watch.”






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