West Side takes Young Life by Storm

Eating donuts, dancing, singing, and hanging out friends all in one night? To you this may not sound like any regular Monday night, but for Young Life members, it is!

On Monday, November 13th, West Side and Harrison students gathered at Calvary Church at 7:33 pm for their weekly Young Life Club.  Young Life is a fun break from reality for kids to hang out with new friends and be in a positive, loving environment. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join.

The night started off with a dance party in the gathering room. Students showed off their best moves while singing along to music. Students then proceeded to play a game like musical chairs, but with a twist. “It was similar to musical chairs but you had to get into these squares on the floor when the music stops. There were less and less squares each round. I lost,” said Tyler Boyle, 10. After the game, the students participated in a raffle for prizes. At the beginning of the night, students received tickets with number on them. The tickets were drawn from a bucket, and if your number was called, you won a prize! Two out of three of the students that won were from West Side, and Mary Schultz, 11,  was one of them. “It feels really good to win, and I loved representing West Side at Young Life. #RDP.” Then, a donut eating competition took place.

Students attempt to lure donuts into their mouths using only string. Students were randomly chosen to preform this exuberant task. When asked about the event, Anne Folkers, 11 said, “It was really fun because who doesn’t love donuts? I really liked the challenge of trying to eat it with no hands”.

To finish off the night, students listened to music and had a discussion about the Bible. Then students met up at McDonald’s, ate food and talked about life.  When asked about Young Life, Mykiel Stallings, 12, says, “It’s a neat way to spend time with God and kids my age that want the same thing. It has impacted me positively by giving me a place where everyone there is trying to better their relationship with God or find God”.

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