We’ve Gotcha Covered

We’ve Gotcha CoveredSafety is a growing concern at every school in America. The rate of mass shootings have tripled since 2011 (Mother Jones 2018).

I asked Officer Smith what some goals for safety were for this upcoming year, and he said, “Mainly for everyone to remain safe. We try to reduce the number of thefts and crashes we have each year.”

We see their smiling faces in the hallways and street, being of service to others. However, no one really knows the reason why or the motivator.

“The ultimate goal is to help people. If you break policing down to its bare bones, that’s why most people join the force.”

West Lafayette has been home for his entire career.

“I’ve been with the West Lafayette Police Department for 17 years and it’s my 15th year at West Side. So I’ve been here the whole time.” Next time you see a safety officer, remember they are here to help you. (Emma Tate)

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