Whats your taste in music?

West Side students answer a poll about their favorite genre and artist!

The Survey was given to a large group of students and asked them to select their favorite genre of music and then their favorite artist in the selected genre. Here are the results!

Pop Music was the most popular category, with 29.6% of people saying this was their favorite genre of music. Second place was awarded to Country music. There was a tie for third place, with Rap and Alternative collecting 14.8% of the vote. This is pretty consistent with what most people think of when they ponder the most popular music choices. According to statista.com, 52% of people say that Pop is their favorite genre of music. Pop music can cover a broad spectrum of types of music and includes some of todays most popular artists.

Students, in addition to telling us their favorite genre, also told us who their favorite artist is from their selected genre. The most popular artists came from the Pop genre with Taylor Swift receiving the most votes for number one artist! With the recent release of her re-recorded albums, Swift has been on top of the charts and her lyrics stuck in everyones head! There were 2 artists that tied for the most popular country artist, Morgan Wallen and Florida Georgia Line. Other artist from other genres include artist like Harry Styles, Drake, Gracie Abrams, Coldplay, David Bowie, and many others!

Whats your favorite genre of music! Fill out the survey with the link below or leave us a comment and let us know!



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