Where do you like to spring break?

Have you ever wondered where most other students spend their spring break? Just think about all of the different families and places they travel. I surveyed a group of 144 students grades 9-12 to see where people are planning to spend their spring break. I asked if they were planning to stay home or travel, and what exactly they were planning to do.

61.1% of students are planning to travel for spring break.
38.9% of students are planning to stay home.

“I am going to Don Pedro Island in Florida. I am going to swim in the ocean and gang out on the beach and drink shirley temples. I am going to sleep in a lot. I am very excited about it,” Olivia Mills(10) said. 

“I am planning on going to Florida to relax and lay around in the sun and have no worries. I am going to see my Papou and Nouna and play in the water and look for shells. I hope that I find a shark tooth,” Sadie Alge(9) said. 

“I am going to Chicago for my birthday with my friend Chloe. We are going to go to the zoo and shop. I am going to have sushi for my birthday dinner and visit the bean,” Lina Idrissi-Alami(10) said.


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