Who am I???: David “Coach” Wood

  • Coach Wood as a babyI was born on in Indianapolis, IN
  • I went to  Pike High School
  • The most interesting place I have been to Australia
  • I have 2 kids and 2 stepkids
  • I like to watch old movies and old TV shows
  • I have worked for 20 years in this building
  • I went to  the University of Indianapolis
  • The best decisions I have ever made were to get back to my Christian roots and to not leave this job
  • I would like to travel especially to Hawaii with my wife
  • In High School I played football, basketball, and baseball, was President of the Student Council and wrote a column for the school newspaper
  • In college I earned 12 varsity letters in football, basketball, and  baseball.


TV Show: The Andy Griffith Show

Actress:  Jennifer Lopez

Animal:  My maltese

Color:  Purple

Movie:  The Sound of Music, A Few Good Men

Book:  To Kill A Mockingbird



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