Why Kendrick Lamar’s album is best


“Kendrick can be compared to the greatest, such as Dr. Dre, who he has rapped with before.”

In a past Scarlette article Kanye West was awarded the best album of the year.  Not only is this terribly wrong, but Kanye’s impact on the music world was infinitesimal vis-à-vis the lyrical genius Kendrick Lamar in the past few years. When K. Dot dropped his album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City in 2012, the music world was impressed by his style so much that it was ranked first at its peak. Kanye attempted to respond but failed with Yeezus.

This album only marked the beginning of the end for a washed-up has-been.

While Yeezy spends his time naming his kids “North West,” Kendrick dominates the rap game and became GQ’s rapper of the year.

West’s style hasn’t grown with his ego. One Yeezus song is titled “I Am a God,” and sounds like someone was jumping on a piano rather than producing music.

Kendrick stays humble, however, and values fans over fame. In his GQ freestyle, he says he desires to “win your hearts before we win a Grammy.” Kanye has never had much substance in his songs either.

Usually talking about profanity and violence, West has no worthwhile meaning in his lyrics-if you can call them that. Kendrick, in his song HiiiPower, raps about the advancement of civil rights, referencing Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.

Lamar can be compared to the greatest, such as Dr. Dre, who he has rapped with before. West, however, shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence.

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