William Mbongo soars


FLYING HIGH: William Mbongo goes up for a layup as west Side took on Frontier. In his senior season Mbongo avaeraged more than 10 rebounds per game, only the second player in Coach Wood’s tenure as coach to do so.

In sports there are some athletes that soar above the rest, and one such athlete is William Mbongo’14. He always liked running and physical activity in general, which is why he started sports. He stumbled upon basketball and never looked back.

“I started playing basketball in 7th grade on the B team and worked my way up from there,” said William Mbongo. “My friends and my dad, who is a huge sports fan, pushed me to play sports.”

With Mbongo’s height he has always been “above” the rest of the people in his grade. His decision to play basketball might have been the best decision of his life. He now has opened doors to college with both his academics and his basketball play. However, he is unsure where he is going to college and doesn’t know if he’ll play basketball there.

Along with Mbongo’s stellar basketball play, he is also a very strong student in the classroom. Not only does he keep up with his grades, but although his senior year is ending, he still excels in the classroom.

“Playing sports enhances my academic performance because it teaches me how to manage my time. When I’m in season I usually do better in school,” said Mbongo.

“He is very outgoing and pretty popular around school, he’s also a very bright guy,” said Wood.

If you see Mbongo around school, you can see that he has the height to be a great basketball player. This trait is demonstrated well with his work on the boards.

“He is an outstanding rebounder, he’s the second person I’ve had in 20 years coaching to average more than 10 rebounds per game,” said Coach Wood.

“The most incredible thing about him for me regarding basketball is in the 7th grade somebody told him to take the ball out, which is a very basic thing to do in basketball, and he didn’t know what to do,” said Wood, “He had no real background in basketball and he grew to where his teammates voted him Most Valuable Player on our team.”

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