Winter sports thrive

Boys’ Basketball:

Going into the season, there were high expectations for the boys basketball team, both from themselves and fans.  With four of the starters being seniors, there was a very experienced group on the court.  In the beginning, however, Coach Wood worried about how well they were meshing.  “There were five individuals on the court,” he said.  Many improvements have been made since then.  Throughout the first half of the season, the team has shown major improvement in their effort, as well as sharing the ball.  Coach Wood has seen important contributions made by each player, especially the “three-headed monster” of Justus Stanback ’13, Brian Bangs ’13 and William Mbongo ’14 .  Wood said, “There have been times when they have dominated games.”  As for the rest of the season, the team will work to improve their consistency.  Also, improved ball-handling will help to cut down on turnovers and get better shots.  Going into the second half of the season with an 8-3 record, they hope to win the remainder of their games.

The Girls' Swimming team has enjoyed a very successful season.  After winning conference, they look to do well in sectionals, too.
The Girls’ Swimming team has enjoyed a very successful season. After winning conference, they look to do well in sectionals, too.

Girls’ Swimming:

The girls swimming team is enjoying a very successful season so far this year.  They have lost just one of their nine dual meets.  “We’re doing really well,” said Rachel Ho ’14, who is a captain along with fellow junior Chloe Davis ’14  “We have a young team, and lot of people have stepped up and worked hard.”  Their numbers have come down as there are no senior girls on the swimming team this year, but they have been able to adjust well.  Without seniors, many girls with less experience, including Olivia Long ’15 and Melissa Gutwein ’15, have taken on larger roles.  There are high expectations for the rest of the season.  The team expects to win conference, and hopes to surprise people by doing well at sectionals.  “Winning the rest of our meets will give us confidence going into sectionals,” said Ho.

Girls’  Basketball:

The team has had a pretty good season considering it is a very young team with only four seniors leading the charge.  With their season mostly over, the Devils find themselves in position to perform well throughout the playoffs. 


The  team is doing wellwith the addition of the new freshmen.  “The team is a lot stronger with the new freshmen because they increase the amount of wrestlers by a lot from last year,” said Jeffrey Kim’16,  “The team has been through a lot by the hard practices by Coach Rick Roseman which has made everyone better.”  The team has a 13-5 record behind the leadership of captains Jade Doty ’14 and Jason Vanmeter’14 who help everyone on the team by pushing them to be the best they can be.

Boys Swimming:

The team is thriving with talent especially from Logan Sotelo’14 who, as many of you know has broken many records this season.  After a rough start with the new swimmers coming to the team they have blended and started performing well.


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