Winter Winnings

A look into the student view on the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics have concluded, with Norway dominating the scene at thirty-seven medals. The United States placed fifth with a count of twenty-five medals, eight of which being gold. Other notable finishes were Canada in fourth with twenty-six, Russian Olympic Committee in second with thirty-two, and China, the host of the Olympics, in eleventh with fifteen medals. 

The Winter Olympics being noticeably less popular than the summer counterpart, but that doesn’t take away from the entertainment that it provides. Many people find a singular sport of the Winter Olympics to be fascinating and watch that particular event, as opposed to the whole Olympics. “The figure skating and snowboarding competitions typically draw me in to watch,” Emma Brueck (12) said, “If another one of the events are on, I may watch a little bit of something else too.”

Some people’s interests transcend the sport and competition itself. “[I’m interested in] seeing which countries get caught for doping,” Kyler Meister (12) said.  Doping is the use of steroids or performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) to gain an advantage in competition. In the most recent example, Russia was banned from international competitions in 2019 for orchestrating doping . The  individual athletes, who are able to compete under the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), took the stage with a lack of governmental support. 

For some people, the controversies and the athletics are not at all appealing, or potentially confusing and arbitrary. The Winter Olympics is a lengthy stretch of time, and students have a lot on their plate. “I didn’t follow [the Winter Olympics] because I’m not aware of the rules of a lot of winter sports,” Killiam Kwon (12) said.

Whether or not people watch the Winter Olympics, every four years, there is a rotation of summer and winter competition available. For the people that watch, it’s three weeks of thrilling athletics and dramatic controversy. For people that don’t, the Olympics can be a sense of national pride or a sporting event that has no bearing. 

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