WL Backpack Program


The West Lafayette backpacks organization is a volunteer and donation based organization dedicated to helping feed underprivileged families in our community. This program was started about 10 years ago but is still widely unknown by a lot of people at West side. The important work this volunteer group does helps hundreds of your fellow peers every year. A lot of work goes into successfully helping these families, including meeting every Thursday and more. The Backpack organization is full of great hearted volunteers hoping to help for as long as they can. Tune in and find out exactly what this organization does and other interesting details!

All smiles: The wonderful volunteers of the West Lafayette backpack program smile big after a hard Thursday at work. These wonderful volunteers gave up their own time to help others and will continue for years to come. “This is such a rewarding organization to be a part of, I love knowing that I am helping children in need every time I fill a bag!” said Lisa MacDonald.

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