“Ratchet” account shocks school

On Wednesday, May 13th, an anonymous Twitter account titled “WL Ratchets” was formed. Immediately, the account started tweeting hurtful and insulting messages targeted at specific West Side students. Some of the tweets even included pictures of the particular student that was being harrassed.

“I think it’s probably one of the worst things I’ve seen people do in a long time at West Side,” said Tess DeBruyn ’16. “Whoever is hiding behind the computer and social networking to bully people on how “ratchet” they are needs to realize they look more “ratchet” than any of the people they posted about. Our school needs to go back to being about West Side Compliments┬ánot WL Ratchets.”

The account had followed about 70 students in order to gain the attention of West Siders with Twitter accounts. Within a couple of hours, the account had tweeted multiple times. Some of the tweets were directly targeted towards a specific student while others vaguely implied who the tweet was about.

Haley Guthrie’13, one of the targeted victims of the anonymous account, said, “At first, I was really hurt and surprised that someone would actually say something like they did about me. I was surprised when I saw all the tweets defending me and all the texts messages I received. It showed me that no matter what, we (West Side students) will always have each others backs.”

Although the person behind the WL Ratchets account was, and still remains, unknown, the account was deactivated the following day after receiving several tweets demanding deactivation of the account as well as criticism for it’s cruelty. Though this cyber-bullying stunt was short lived, multiple students and peers of the targeted victims took immediate action in spreading awareness about the page and calling for its immediate deletion.

“It pains me to see students putting down other students,” said Sophie Millsaps ’15. “Social media definitely shows the two types of people we have at West Side – the ones who are kind and caring who make WL Compliments and then the ones whose main goal is to hurt others to make themselves feel better, like the ones who made WL Ratchets. The account was mean for no obvious reason and I’m very happy it was taken down.”

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