Women Unite Against Trafficking

Making the world a better place one bracelet at a time.

Now you might not think much of the recently created club, Women Empowering Women, but that might be because you don’t know what it is. If that is so, just know that it’s a club that promotes many types of social changes and issues, many of them having to do with women’s rights. “It’s a club where people with a wide range of beliefs and opinions can come together and talk it out,” says Emma Dickson, a member of Women Empowering Women.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: On Thursday and Friday December 7th and 8th Women Empowering Women members sit in front of the office and sell bracelets for the Polaris Project. “Its really nice knowing that you are helping people and making a difference.” says Rebecca Wilcox while she helped the club in their fundraiser.

On December 7th and 8th, the club of strong women sat outside the office and sold handmade friendship bracelets as a fundraiser for both the club and as an aid in the fight against human trafficking. “We send our money to the Polaris Project, which is this organization that through the donations they help people get out of situations where they have been trafficked or could be trafficked,” Sarah Greenwell says about the purpose of the project.

The Polaris Project is a great support force to people all around the world who is dealing with the threat of human trafficking. “They don’t only work with people in the United States, but they are also working toward helping refugees from Africa and the Middle East that are being sold off in the slave markets, especially the slave market in Libya. So some of our money is also going toward that,” Shefali Prabhakar says about the reasons why they chose this project.



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