It’s no secret that in order to be an elite level wrestler, an arduous amount of dedication and diligence is required. Success does not come easily or quickly.  Even if a competitor considers “winning” as the most fun part of the sport, many are driven more by a hatred of losing than a love of winning. Succeeding to months of practice and dedicated hard work in the gym and on the mat, the West Side Wrestling team, both junior varsity and varsity, competed on Tuesday, Dec 12th against Delphi at the first home meet of the season.

When asked about his thoughts on the overall performance of the team at the wrestling meet, Alex Fauber, 12, said, “It’s always nice to go out in a packed gym for a home meet and win, but we made some mistakes. We are going back to room and working on those things we need to improve on. Overall our team did pretty good. I had a cool-looking slam and the rest of our team made some quick work of Delphi as well. Overall the meet was a success, but there are always little things to take away from victories.”  The boys’ commitment and determination as well as their profound work ethic and positive mindsets were conspicuous in the victory 54-23.

Alex Fauber,12, works hard to force a Delphi wrestler onto his back. Soon after, Alex won with a pin.


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