WL Dances Displease

DISAPPOINTMENT: Dances can be great things, but they have to be good first. Last year’s dances were notable for their low attendance.

Dances occupy a particular place in the American high school experience. Specifically, they are a mix of fun and drama, depending on the various levels of preparation and, of course, the people. However, at West Side in particular, dances are an anchor of drama.

Last year, there was extensive controversy concerning the “grinding” that had been occurring . Well, the drama’s not over. Dissatisfaction is rampant concerning West Side dances.

As most of the students at West Side have realized, there isn’t a homecoming dance. West Side has the court, just no dance. Some speculations floating around from prior students were that we did have a dance, but too many people came to it under the influence, or that the dancing at it was too dirty. Both of these common guesses are wrong.

“As long as I can remember we have never had a dance,” said Principal Shriner, and several other long-time West Side teacher agreed, including Mrs. Feldman.

“After the game at one point, we had a rat-trap, but that’s it,” she said.

Aside from Homecoming woes, last year’s Student Council dances at West Side were not popular with students. Cooper Williams ’16 said the dance he went to “just wasn’t fun.”

“It sucked because at the last dance nobody really showed up,” said Kyle Hill ’16.

One wonders at how the dances will change this year. This year’s first dance should be a good indication.  One highly placed source who requested anonymity stated that “the juniors are trying to set up a Sadie Hawkins dance.  You know, where the girls ask the guys.” 


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