2021 Library Photo Gallery

Some of the space is subdivided to give more options in how the library can be used. This gave more options on how students can gather and what they can do. Mrs. Windler comments this when she said, “And I think we are trying to do that with a place that people can gather, a place where they can study, some little huddle spaces to work on projects, a technology lab…”

Looking in on the library, one can see all sorts of places to sit, socialize and study. The diversity of space is specifically highlighted by Ms. Windler when she said, “I think in general, libraries have always been pretty diverse, and I don’t think people realize it. I think they think libraries have always been just books, but libraries do provide a lot of functions, especially public libraries.”

The computer lab sees a significant upgrade. This may not have been the main focus of the library but it hasn’t been left out of the new one. “so yeah, we’re not forgetting everything about this library. It’s almost like we’re taking it and we’re notching everything up to like, actually being in the 21st century,” said Ms. Windler

In the back of the library there is open space for students to gather at tables. These open places are very important for students to be able to enjoy the space. Ms. Windler said, “It’s a place for students to network or socialize, and that’s really important. So one function of the new library is to have that gathering space.”

The new shelves are low to allow light to pass and give students surfaces to set things on. Ms. Windler found, however, that they didn’t allow for as much space for books as the library used to have. “There’s not nearly as much shelf space in the new facility, so I think we’re going to go from about 19,000 items to maybe 12,000 or 13,000,” said Ms. Windler

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