An Aspiring Author

Student Author, Tiffany Yeung has published her first book, Verge, on amazon. By no small feat, she wrote this book during her senior year, entirely on her own. She accomplished this because she enjoyed the process of it. She described this motivation when she said, “The thing is with writing is that it’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy crafting really distinct voices. I like writing strange scenes like an assassin jumping out of a cake or a burger murder” It was not all sunshine and rainbows, however. There were moments when the workload piled high from balancing personal writing with the other responsibilities of being a senior. She said, “…but it’s very frustrating that there are so many things to write because it’s not just college apps, there’s scholarships applications and other extracurriculars.” Even with all of this work, she can’t bring herself to entirely hate writing. She said, “I have a mixed relationship with writing, it’s the closest thing I’ve encountered to a love/hate relationship…”

Tiffany's Author Photo

Tiffany Yeung proudly poses for her author photo. She described the aptitude that got her there when she said, “Also at a personal level, I can’t stop… That’s just writing for me.”

Making the choice to write, edit and publish a book during High School took commitment and Tiffany Yeung found this commitment worthwhile. She explained, “There’s just like a lot of fun stuff that happens when you really take initiative, make goals and work on them and I think that’s something that is in both of the two characters in the book.” She learned this, at least partially, while in school as she described, “Basically it can boil it down to ‘butt in chair’, I learned that from Shaeffer’s class, which means you have to sit down and actually do it.”

It is impressive to see the devotion necessary to finish a project like this and if you want to see it yourself you can find Verge written under the pen name C.M. Yeung on

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