Holidays aren’t always fun and games.

fighting families editedThe holidays are some of the best times all year. There’s usually good food, family members you haven’t seen in awhile, and perhaps most importantly, no school. Then there are parts of the holidays that are not so great because of all of the stress that comes with it. But what are really the most stressful parts of the holidays?

Daniel Janes ‘16 said “I like playing Christmas music as early as I can, but people don’t like it very much, so that’s kind of stressful. I’d be playing it right now if I could.”

“The worst holiday in my opinion is Christmas,” said Alex Hummels ‘16. “There is so much gift-giving and I’m terrible at giving gifts. There’s just so much pressure to it.”

The pressure of gift giving is one of the most common stresses around the holidays.In the United States, perhaps, more than other countries, lack of money can be the main cause for stress.. In 2012, NBC news conducted a survey of 1,000 people and 45% of those people would prefer to skip Christmas solely due to the economic responsibilities that come with it.  

Another common conflict during the holidays comes in the form of relatives. There are some families that have had feuds that have gone on for generations.

“When my family members get together for the holidays, everyone gets stressed,” said Zach Huffins ‘17 “Then when my family gets stressed, they focus in on me and stress me out because I’ll be trying to play Madden, and they will start talking to me about my grades.”

Preventing holiday stress can be hard. Something will always go wrong during the holidays whether it be burning the turkey, or missing a flight back home. And no one is the same. There’s not one cure that’s foolproof for holiday stress. But what people can do is not worry about petty things like gifts or feuds that started during the Hoover administration. Just eat massive amounts of fatty foods that you’ll regret later and watch some football.

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