How to get on a teacher’s good side

Trying to get on a teacher’s good side has been a time-honored tradition by students on every level, whether it be preschool, high school, or college. Students have gone out of their way to “suck up” to teachers, thinking it is in their best interest for them to be liked by all their teachers, but that is simply not true. Teachers are where they are to teach and to guide students into the next level, not for you to become best friends with.

“I don’t think teachers are really treated differently than most people,” said Monsieur Ohlhaut. “It’s the same phenomenon for anyone else. It’s basic etiquette.”

A somewhat popular trend in TV shows or movies is having a class that has that one kid who acts like the teacher’s best friend. But it seems as if that might be a little exaggerated.

“I’ve only had a few students that I’ve really noticed that liked to grovel” said Ohlhaut. “But it probably wasn’t in the way you think it was. When I’ve come across a ‘suck-up’, they’ve argued for a few points back on a test, or they’ve come up to me with a couple days left in the quarter asking if there are any bonus point opportunities to try to boost their grade, but they don’t just randomly give me things”

There is little that getting on a teacher’s good side can do to benefit oneself, but there are plenty of chances to get burned by it.

“There’s not a lot of face-to-face confrontation,” said Ohlhaut. “A student won’t really realize the effect that sucking up creates because a lot of the risks of doing it is that students are not going to come to your face. They’re going to go behind your back and talk about you, or they won’t invite you to things that you didn’t even know about.”

In conclusion, it should not be in a student’s best interest to try to get on a teacher’s good side, as the positive effects of it are very limited, and you could be ostracized by your peers. The only thing a student can do is not disrupt class and try to participate as much as they can in group conversations. Getting good grades will help you in more ways than anything else.

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