Run, Bobbie, run!

Haley Greene and Bobbie Burgess start their run at cross country practice

Bobbie Burgess talks about life, running, and her race to the finish.    

 Bobbie Burgess is one talented athlete, though you would never hear that from her.  “She adds an element of intensity because she’s so hard core. But, she’s also really fun to be around,” says Ellie Brower.

Brower was not the only one to comment on the dedication Bobbie Burgess puts into her running.  Many were also quick to point out that she does not run over others on her way to the top either.

Bobbie is the captain of the girl’s Cross Country team and is also on the girl’s Track team. She claimed the spot of 20th fastest runner in the nation when she ran a 5k in 18 minutes and 18 seconds.  She says that earning that spot has given her “a lot of confidence in [her] running.”

The girl’s cross country team is made up of a “really strong group of girls,” says Burgess.  And while running is technically an individual sport, the girl’s team trains together to improve their individual times, practicing everyday after school for two hours.

They run intervals, or long sprints that very in length of time, to improve their speeds.  Ab work outs, drills, weight lifting, and regular runs are also part of their weekly work outs.

When it comes to competition, Bobbie runs a 5k, or 3.1 miles, for cross country and mainly does the 1600 meter for track.

But she is also responsible for getting her team into the spirit.  Lizzie Timberlake says, “(She’s) a really good team player,” and the spirit and motivation she brings to the team is contagious. “Seeing her work hard makes others want to work hard.”

When asked about her plans for the future, Bobbie says she wants to focus on the now, improving as much as she can and putting her name out to college recruiters.

She hopes to get a scholarship to run for a Division One college either out west or in the Big 10.

Quick Facts:

Favorite movie: Horrible Bosses

Favorite song: Teach Me How to Dougie

Favorite teacher: Mr Aufderheide

Favorite food: Peanut Butter

Favorite athlete: Christiano Ronaldo

Least favorite color: Greenish-yellow

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