Run to the last

Run to the last

At the beginning of the cross country game on September 2, 2017. One member in boys cross country thumbs up to another team before the running starts. “We are racing each other but we are all runners.”

On September 2nd, the West side Country Country vs. Harrison high school race was started at 9:00 a.m. As the race began ,the boys ran through the way they’ve ran a lot times. Several West side runners were beyond most of other runners. After going up from the slope, the time was nearly 12 minutes.  All the visitors ran forward to record the final moment. The runners came more and more closer, the people around were cheering for their team. Some of the parents held the camera all the time to record the race. Time was near 18 mins, the first runner arrived the end line.

It’s on the half of the race of boys cross country on September 2, 2017. The runner tries his best to surpass other runners. “It’s just a hill, get over it.” is the main point for all the races.

He is a senior from West side called Isaiah Robyne, who is also the best score keeper for the most of the races. After the race, he seemed like he just walked around in the park. He drank the water and went to see how the girls race was going on.  For West side runners, team is more important than a game.

On September 2, 2017, Cross Country team vs. Harrison high school. One of our school runners, Hawk Pusey, has finished the race and took a deep breath. “I really love running. Run is a huge part of me.” he said.

Running hard very time, even though you didn’t get the expected score. When it was the time to give all the awards, West side got good scores for both personal scores and team scores. All the runners were excited and cheering up for the hard working from each one of them.

One of the west side runners, made a pose after he saw the camera. There is no tiredness showed on his face, he is still active after run 3 miles for the race.

The spiritual of Cross Country is: No race between teams but race between your mind and your body. Get over a hill and enjoy the time you spend with the team are the main points of Cross Country.

At the end of the race, it’s the time to give all the awards. West side runners tied up closely with arms to celebrate this moment. “Running is really interesting but team is more interesting . It is great to have friends like them.”

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