Local Musicians Find the Music

By Kathrine Schulze, Arthi Puri, and Andrew Moser It’s a Saturday night, and you and your friends are debating over where to go after dinner.  Your limited options range from seeing another late night viewing of Skyfall to taking an extended trip to Walmart.  Heading down to the Lafayette Theater to hear open mic night doesn’t even cross your […]

Making long distance relationships work

If your relationship made it to the end of the school year, you’re probably wondering what’s next. You may be going off to college, going on an exchange program for the summer or just going on a family vacation; and you’re probably trying to decide whether to stay in your relationship or call it quits. […]

To pay or not to pay…

Since the rise of the feminist woman, the male population has had numerous questions, one being “Who pays for the date?” The preference in this subject changes from girl to girl, so here are a few tips to keep from getting either dumped because you didn’t pay, or dumped because you did. First of all, […]

Angely Philip

Running is truly a joy for junior Angely Philip. When the shot rings out and the race starts, “I feel an adrenaline rush; I feel like I’m running for my team,” she said. Angely, who started running track at West Side last year, initially joined to stay in shape for soccer season. “Soccer started out […]

Prom Proposals

This is the season. The time when girls’ minds are flooded with images of cerulean, satin, and which orchid goes the best with which lapel. This is also the time when your brain is in ultimate panic mode, but before you can start having a mental breakdown about how much your tux is going to […]

Dealing with Clingy Girls

     So I kind of railed on you guys before Valentine’s Day for being overprotective. But never fear, you’re going to love this issue’s topic: clingy girlfriends. Throughout your dating career, you’ve probably either been involved with a clingy girl or seen one of your friends being eaten alive by a possessive monster. Here are […]

Briagha McTavish breaks into the big leagues

By Abby Bien If you know who Briagha McTavish is, you probably think of her as a quirky dresser, who is outgoing and talented with a viola. What you might not know is that she is an aspiring singer and songwriter, writing both the music and melody with piano and guitar. She began singing when […]

Dedicated athletes continue to train year round

     West Side’s sports teams are pretty intense. From warm-ups to conditioning sessions, the season seems like a blur that ends abruptly. So what do athletes do when their sport isn’t in season? Some students choose to participate in other school teams, while others choose to continue in their sport, but off season. The purpose […]

Valentine’s Day woes

Here it is, Valentine’s Day, the so-called big time of your blossoming relationship. But before you start freaking out about buying the perfect flowers and superfluously expensive jewelry for your sweetheart, let’s take some time to fully understand this ancient holiday. Valentine’s Day has become one of America’s most celebrated holidays, but why? Girls have […]

Perfect songs for a perfect evening

  1. First Day of My Life Bright Eyes This song is great. It’s low-key feel and meandering melody are perfect for just hanging out. The lyrics also aren’t cliche, which makes it mean so much more. Plus, check out the music video, it’s adorable.     2. The Bird and the Worm   Owl […]