Springing Into Action

Cooking up a storm

Nicole Pachasa’s enjoyment and passion for cooking really changed her life, and getting the job at West Side fulfilled her dream. One thing Miss Pachasa has special about her is being able to juggle her teaching life with an upcoming wedding to plan. Miss Pachasa said “I went to IUPUI for one year then transferred […]

Film lit is in high demand

This year, the film literature class is in high demand again. When it’s time to make schedules, tons of students put Film Literature on their list because of what students have told them. And the students that end up taking the class, are rarely disappointed due in large part to the material of the class […]

Seriously Speaking 2/27/14

If you had to rename the school mascot, what would you name it?    

When bad weather strikes

This year in the West Lafayette community, there has been a lot of talk about weather.  The weather this year has been particularly rough and strenuous on the West Lafayette school system. “Safety is always the key thing, we want to make sure students are safe both coming to school and leaving.  So that if […]

Teammate chemistry is at its max

“It’s nice to have played with Parker for so long, there’s kind of a chemistry.  We both understand football pretty well and if either of us see something, we can easily talk it out and see whats happening.  It’s nice because we both are on the same page all the time,” said Woodard. “Because we’ve […]

New tech class comes to WL

Starting next year, the school will offer a new course called Computer Repair/Technical Support. This class is designed to fill a void in the technical education offered by this school, namely,  how to physically repair computers. The school board construction approval request describes the class this way: “Students could earn credit for learning how to work on […]

Tornadoes sweep the county

The first Saturday of every month, a series of sirens set throughout Tippecanoe County undergoes a system test. On Sunday, the 17th of November, however, the sirens that sounded weren’t testing anything. A total of five tornadoes hit Tippecanoe County, knocking out power across the county during Indiana’s third most active tornado day ever. Duke […]

Youth Council Expands its roles

While our adult community leaders have to be nominated, run, and win to represent West Lafayette, student leaders have it a little easier. “All you have to do is show up,” says Abbee Westbrook ’15.  “We want everyone.” Not many people think about who represents the youth to West Lafayette government.Yet, the West Lafayette Youth Council […]

Ten ways to survive Thanksgiving!

1. Remember: it’s only one day.  You can go back to watching Netflix all day on Friday. 2. Don’t insult your family’s cooking. Even if your aunt Susie’s Jell-o pudding isn’t your favorite, just plug your nose and swallow. Or take a super small portion. 3. Help your parents make the food. This gives them […]