What not to do when texting

In high school, things can get very confusing very fast. These things include: why there was no 2-hour delay, why a certain teacher seems to be out to get you, and why the last ten minutes of 5th and 8th hour seem to take hours. But, perhaps, something more confusing than those three options is texting. Texting has been the main source of communication among teenagers for several years now, but so much has been added to it since its first days so there are so many ways one can screw up and give the wrong impression.

You could be texting someone one minute, whether it be your best friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or your mom, and they could get the complete wrong idea of what you are trying to say. If this happens, the aftermath could be brutal, and you could be reprimanded for an honest mistake. So this list has been complied to prevent any of these miscommunications from happening.


  • The overuse of emojis- They are all fun and games when you are just joking around with them, or you are making fun of people who use them seriously, but the second you use emojis in every single text, or you use ten of them in one text, you are done for. The occasional emoji is very appropriate to represent how you are laughing at something funny, or maybe sad at some bad news, but tone it down. Eventually, people will not want to text you as much, and that could include your parents. You do not want to be that kid whose parents hate texting their own child.
  • Replying with “K”- Sure, you’re texting someone and you are in a hurry, so you want to reply very quickly, but at the very least, reply with “ok” or “Mmk”. It is not quite insulting, but the recipients of this could get annoyed rather quickly, as they realize that you are using the bare minimum of your energy to respond to them.
  • Lack of punctuation- When you are texting your friends, you do not have to treat it like an English essay. Having said that, it is always a good idea to make some attempt to use punctuation as it can clear things up, and avoid making people guess if you are saying something or if you are asking something. A simple period will suffice, question marks are always appreciated, and if you are feeling super crazy, throw in some exclamation points.



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