When bad weather strikes

Winter-Storm-WarningThis year in the West Lafayette community, there has been a lot of talk about weather.  The weather this year has been particularly rough and strenuous on the West Lafayette school system.

“Safety is always the key thing, we want to make sure students are safe both coming to school and leaving.  So that if there’s any danger on the highway that will affect bus travel or students walking then we take that into consideration,” said Principal Ron Shriner.

The snow days may be welcomed with open arms by students, and some teachers at the time, but when it comes to making up the missed material, it’s sometimes hard for the teachers.

“The snow days and delays have forced teachers to become flexible with their schedules,” said Earth Space Science Teacher Dave Collins. “When a teacher thinks they can get something done on a certain day and there are delays, you have to keep pushing it back.”

While for many people around the world, this much weather isn’t a lot for their climates, the last time the West Lafayette community had temperatures this cold was 32 years ago in 1982.

“There’s no clear point where there will be no school or delays.  The different schools talk to each other as well as the police and transportation departments and getting feedback,” said Shriner.

Shriner and Collins have both been in situations with 20 snow days during one winter.  However back when that happened to Shriner, they didn’t have to make up their days off.

“The school cooperation works with the department of education to find out if we can have any days waived due to ‘acts of god’ or outside situations,” said Shriner.

There have been many rumors being passed around the school as to how the missed days will be made up.  Some of which are starting earlier or continuing school into the summer, neither are very happy thoughts for high school students. 

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