addie clark proves age doesn’t limit creativity

Although Addie is only a Freshman, her talent in art is by no means inexperienced. Addie began to take an interest in art after she was told to draw a self-portrait in the third grade.  She didn’t like how it looked so on her own time, she experimented and tried to make it look the way she wanted it to.

She works in many different mediums, but she especially likes working in digital art. She described it as drawing with photoshop. She mainly draws little characters, some of her own creation. Her style is mixed with inspirations from Tim Burton and Disney.

“They [Addie’s artwork] are amazing and adorable,” said Kaitlyn June ’18.

Some of her other inspirations include Stevraybro who is one of her favorite artists. He is a youtuber and after watching him, she started researching more about digital art and gained a greater interest.

She also gets many inspirations from music, mainly classical. For example, she said that when she is listening to a song and there is a violin in it, then she might create a character that is literally half violin or try to create a character that is emotionally composed of the sound.

A friend, Carole Loss ’17, said that she is very gifted.

Another medium that she is interested in is special effects makeup. She said that it would be cool to work in the film industry one day. However as of now, she has many aspirations and interests regarding future job opportunities.

In the end, art is not just a a hobby for Addie. She calls it her “creative diary.”

“It [art] is something to fall back on. When something in the real world happens that you don’t like, you can take yourself back to the art world,” she said.



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