Where do you like to spring break?

Have you ever wondered where most other students spend their spring break? Just think about all of the different families and places they travel. I surveyed a group of 144 students grades 9-12 to see where people are planning to spend their spring break. I asked if they were planning to stay home or travel, […]

How do you Wordle?

Wordle has always been a fun game to play, but now, it has become more popular. It was made in 2013, and it’s a fun puzzle game where you try to guess the 5-letter word for the day. It pops up with green boxes which means that you guessed the right letter and it’s in […]

“Listen, Observe, and Learn” – Welcoming the New Superintendent

She Devils

Picture 1: The She Devils perform at the boys basketball game against Frankfort during halftime. Almost everyday they work hard to practice a dance to perform for an audience whether its at a basketball game or a football game. “It’s fun to perform and show people what we’ve worked so hard for,” Scarlett Halvorsen (10) […]

Celebrating Laika the Space Dog

November 3rd was the 64th anniversary of this mutt’s one-way trip into the cosmos. Not only is this notable for the fact that it was the first time a living creature was sent into orbit, but more so, to honor Laika the Space Dog’s fortitude. WARNING: Have your tissues handy. In the heat of the […]

21 Questions with Mr. Bennett

In famous 73 Questions with Vogue style, West Lafayette Student Media staffers, Sofie Alge and Colleen Pedley, conduct an interview with West Side’s choir teacher and music extraordinaire, Michael Bennett. Get a behind the scenes look as we dive into the juicy details of everything ranging from choir classes to the musical to the New […]

Senior Jonathan Siskind Inspires Peers with Speech

On Friday, September 24th, student activists led their peers from the school  to John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge in a climate strike. Members of the youth-led, statewide campaign “Confront the Climate Crisis” shared speeches and announced their two pieces of climate legislation being introduced into the 2022 Legislative Session with support of Republican Senator Ron […]

From College Softball to Special Ed

Mrs. Tripp joins team of teachers Two dreams. One future that could support both of them. And countless hours of work ahead. Mrs. Kelly Tripp arrives at her first year of teaching with a degree and a D1 softball experience under her belt, still not ready to meet her limits.   “I started playing softball as […]

New computer science teacher

At West Side High School in the 2021-2022 year, we got several new teachers. They all taught various subjects; Math, English, PE, Computer Science. At the school, computer science is taught by Mr. Woodard. It is his first year here, and there have definitely been changes. “I would say West Side is larger because before […]

An Aspiring Author

Tiffany's Author Photo

Student Author, Tiffany Yeung has published her first book, Verge, on amazon. By no small feat, she wrote this book during her senior year, entirely on her own. She accomplished this because she enjoyed the process of it. She described this motivation when she said, “The thing is with writing is that it’s a lot […]