Decisions, Decisions…

Students and counselors sort out next year’s schedules While there is still one quarter left of this school year, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are already preparing for next year by scheduling their classes. This can be an unnerving time for many who are unsure about what their future holds, or are being faced with difficult […]

Too Much?

Athletes and Mental Health The summer and winter Olympics showed an unprecedented pattern of American stars unable to compete to their projected capacity. These two situations could reflect a larger picture that affects all athletes, including you, the student athletes of West Side. High school student athletes face the tough balance of in school and […]

“Listen, Observe, and Learn” – Welcoming the New Superintendent

Promote Your Program

On Tuesday February 8, 2022 different school programs were showcased in the Red Devil Dining Court during club time and lunch. When you walked down the ramp and entered the cafeteria, the first table you were met with was Mr. Riesterer’s art table. Three trifold setups decorated to visually display the classes offered. Those classes […]

Celebrating Laika the Space Dog

November 3rd was the 64th anniversary of this mutt’s one-way trip into the cosmos. Not only is this notable for the fact that it was the first time a living creature was sent into orbit, but more so, to honor Laika the Space Dog’s fortitude. WARNING: Have your tissues handy. In the heat of the […]

Ding-Dong! We Have a Cast!

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! It must be the sound of the high school spring musical auditions.  Throughout the week of October 25th-29th, eager auditioners signed up for a chance to participate in the upcoming spring musical, The Wizard of Oz.  Auditions were held after school in the orchestra and choir rooms to […]

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a week full of fun costumes, drug awareness, and many ribbons. Red Ribbon Week is created by the club REACH, a club that advocates for drug prevention. Down below are pictures of students wearing their red ribbons as well as costumes.

Dr. McKee Moves to West Side

The ‘21-‘22 school year has seen a lot of new teachers, and one particular teacher is Dr. Ricki McKee, who teaches Probability and Statistics/Trigonometry, Algebra II Honors, and Math 7.    McKee attended college at Purdue University where she gained her PhD in mathematics and Education. “I started out in pre-pharmacy school at Purdue, and […]

Math Never Changes

When Mrs. Katrina Elliott was a young girl, she used to set up her dolls and stuffed animals like students and pretend that she was teaching them.  ¨I can’t remember a time of being little and not wanting to be a teacher,¨ she recalled. Mrs. Elliot, who joined West Side this year, teaches seventh grade […]

Mr. Marsh Ready For New Beginnings

From the fields of Benton Central to the bustling streets of Purdue University and West Lafayette Junior-Senior High School, Tyler Marsh is in a new job. Mr. Marsh, though, isn’t a complete newcomer to the community. He went to Purdue and graduated with a degree in math education in 2011.  Marsh’s teaching and coaching career […]