New Internet comes to town

Metronet, the optic fiber cable internet company, is in the process of coming to West Lafayette. FIRST Robotics and ACSL team member Kameron Lutes’15 said this was important because having the type of infrastructure needed to support the new internet type is becoming increasingly important. Lutes said that because “without getting too technical, basically the Internet is […]

Shutdown affects West Lafayette

At precisely midnight on October 1, 2013, the United States federal government shut down. The cause was a standoff between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. They failed to pass a budget for this fiscal year due to arguments over the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010. “Non-essential” […]

New process for forming clubs started

As of the beginning of this year, the school is changing the way they evaluate new clubs and organizations.  Ms. Newgent, math teacher and staff sponsor of the student council said, the school is not trying to cut down on the number of clubs in total. “The problem that we’ve run into is that students […]

Make Windows 8 into Windows great

Minimum wage hike divides workers

Last February, President Barack Obama initiated a movement to raise the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. This is a large increase for 49 states, including Indiana. Washington is currently the only state with a minimum wage that is nine dollars or higher; their requirement is $9.19 an hour. The goal of such an […]

West Side is Tech-Savvy

Whether it’s the media center, a computer room, or a classroom, you sit down and take a look at the computer before you. You turn the screen on and a username and password box pops up. You type in your username and your password and hit enter. After waiting for what seems like ages, here you […]

School changes over Summer

West Lafayette Jr./ Sr. High School has been changing rapidly since its construction more than 70 years ago. In the last three years, the Junior High locker bay has been moved, the commons area has been put in, an entire locker bay has been relocated and the cafeteria has been expanded. Through all of these changes, the […]

“Ratchet” account shocks school

On Wednesday, May 13th, an anonymous Twitter account titled “WL Ratchets” was formed. Immediately, the account started tweeting hurtful and insulting messages targeted at specific West Side students. Some of the tweets even included pictures of the particular student that was being harrassed. “I think it’s probably one of the worst things I’ve seen people […]

Seniors declare future plans

See what the Class of 2013 will be doing next year! Ashiye Aator Manchester College Athletic Training Polina Alekseenko University of California, Berkeley Economics Farhat Alucozai Purdue University Cancer Biology Sruthi Anand Purdue University Undecided Haley Arndt Purdue University Business Malachi Baker Purdue University Geology & Geophysics Tasha Baker Indiana University Undecided Brian Bangs Purdue […]

Racism prominent at Purdue

In the past year, Purdue University has reported eleven hate crimes and hundreds of other racist incidents. The FBI  ranked the school second in the nation in the amount of hate crimes and racial incidents. On April 22, a march was hosted by the Purdue Black Cultural Center. The march was not intended to be in response to […]

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