New tech class comes to WL

Starting next year, the school will offer a new course called Computer Repair/Technical Support. This class is designed to fill a void in the technical education offered by this school, namely,  how to physically repair computers. The school board construction approval request describes the class this way: “Students could earn credit for learning how to work on […]

Dance policy changes

West Lafayette High School’s dance policy has changed once again. Principal Shriner sent out a revised version of the high school dance policy to parents just before the second semester of the 2013-2014 school year began. The new policy is comprised of five rules, but very few actual changes. The first rule of the dance […]

Tornadoes sweep the county

The first Saturday of every month, a series of sirens set throughout Tippecanoe County undergoes a system test. On Sunday, the 17th of November, however, the sirens that sounded weren’t testing anything. A total of five tornadoes hit Tippecanoe County, knocking out power across the county during Indiana’s third most active tornado day ever. Duke […]

What is the typical West Sider?

Late November is the beginning of every basketball season, and that brings the area schools together in one gym for the boys and girls J & C Hoops Classic. This unifying event shows the true colors of how every school feels about each others’ students, which usually includes a lot of stereotyping of the West Lafayette […]

Youth Council Expands its roles

While our adult community leaders have to be nominated, run, and win to represent West Lafayette, student leaders have it a little easier. “All you have to do is show up,” says Abbee Westbrook ’15.  “We want everyone.” Not many people think about who represents the youth to West Lafayette government.Yet, the West Lafayette Youth Council […]

street harassment is a big deal

Comments like “hey baby, lookin’ fine” and “you’d look good on me” and to whistling to girls on the street may be considered “compliments,” but to the victim of the harassment,  it can just be uncomfortable, rude, and scary. An innocent walk in the street can quickly turn into an awkward and painful situation. “It’s [street […]

School Follows Lunch Nutrition Rules

Food intake, especially for growing teenagers, should involve foods that are healthful. At West Side, the food service staff has to find a balance between healthy food and food people want to eat. Shirley Rietdyk, a Professor of Kinesiology at Purdue University and mother of a West Student, said that a healthy and balanced diet […]

Students playing the system

Over the years, as the demand to leave study halls to goof off in the media center or other teachers’ classrooms has increased, the amount of fraudulent study passes has been increasing right along with it. Students who have some free time on their hands or have a boring study hall often take advantage of how easy […]

Students Get “Inked”

Although parental consent is required in the state of Indiana for a person under 18 to get a tattoo, several West Lafayette students are already inked. “About 10% of my customers are minors,” said Sean McGill, the co-owner of Lafayette-based DragonsBane Tattoo. He said that underage customers must have a legal guardian accompany them, and […]

Students form GSA

The Gay-Straight Alliance was founded this year, and meets every other Tuesday. “Erica Gibson ’14 and I started filling out the forms for it last year, but it was Herr Studt who really finished it,” said Chris Strickler ’14. The club experienced trouble starting up, Strickler said, because Student Council requires that clubs have a […]

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