Pool-Time Trivia

The Mixtape: Episode Four

Episode Four: On the Right Foot When a New Year begins, not only people are ready to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that they hold but also to welcome the positive vibes, and Set It Off wants to make sure that happens. “Midnight Thoughts” is a single that the Tampa-based rock band […]

Gift Guide: For Beauty Lovers

To Recite or Not to Recite, That is the Question

The 4th Annual National Shakespeare Monologue Competition was a smashing success here at West Side. Students from all grades arrived to recite the best monologues from the annals of The Bard, William Shakespeare. Also yes, there was a reward for all participants in the form of cookies and games afterward. To get an idea of […]

Tricky Trivia

Test your Halloween knowledge by trying this trivia crossword!

Helping at Halloween

UNICEF is selling goodie bags to help solve children’s problems around the world

5 Ways to Slow Down Global Warming and Climate Change

Imagine what were to happen to this scenic creek if climate change continued, which would prevent tourists from seeing this breathtaking view. Beyond all the news surrounding politics, the problem with climate change and global warming are gradually going out of control. Changes can’t be made in one huge step but we can possibly eradicate […]

The Little Piggy that went to market

Three simple habits to make mornings productive

No matter how much truth there may be to that old saying about the early bird getting the worm, we can’t all be morning people. Rumor has it that early risers are more productive than the rest of us, but bed is just so comfortable….and that obnoxious alarm is just so, so annoying. At some […]

Which Men’s bathroom should you use?

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