New Pool, New Food, Same School

Students, faculty, and staff alike await the end of the construction by the band room and cafeteria, as not only will it be the finished result of a grueling year of maneuvering around the construction, but will show off a brand new pool, school wing, and cafeteria. Marking the end of the construction of the […]

Fresh off the Stove: New Cafeteria and Kitchen

Cross Country Sectionals

Cross country team rewarded for their hard work “I think this was the team’s best performance of the whole season,” said Mrs. Melissa Joest, a cross country coach. “We were super pleased with all the girls. We had 5 out of 7 PR (Personal Record) at sectionals, and two of them basically tied their PR. […]

Cheering For Senior Night

Not An Actively Typical Monday

PE Students Break Out Of Routine It’s one of those days where a teacher is absent for a day and a substitute teacher is called in to take over the teacher’s classes for a short period of time or the whole day. During seventh period on October 21st, most of P.E. teacher Shane Fry’s class […]

Stealing One Foot For A Day

Review: Five Feet Apart Rarely would you ever meet someone fascinating in the one place where someone never wants to be: the hospital. But in the novel Five Feet Apart, it’s a chance a Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patient will take to break her routine of treatments and medicine. Stella Grant is used to being in […]

2019 Ironman Volleyball Tournament

Pool Preview

Latest news on the new pool “It’s a great space, it’s much larger and more open than the previous pool, there’s a separate diving well which will probably give more functionality for practice and also allow more programming from the community to come in and use it. It will be a really nice facility that […]

Speaking with the Society: an Interview with Shakespeare Society’s Presidents

Co-President,11, Katie Werely-Bross talks with members Sarah Kurtz, 11, and Grace Czerwonky, 11, about the new play they were studying. The Club had just started Macbeth and were getting ready to start reading. “We teach as if people don’t know about Shakespeare. We cover basic things and ask basic questions: ‘Hey do you know this? […]

Different places, same attitude

Molly Fordyce shares great love for teaching, no matter the place “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and coach. Both of my parents started out as teachers, and my dad was a principal and a coach so education is just sort of in my blood. I’ve always loved kids ever since I was a […]

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