It’s Do or Dye

Best Buddies kicks off the year with kickball This year’s Best Buddies kickoff event was a kickball game. Blue skies, sunshine, and warm weather made the event fun for everyone to enjoy. The club pairs special needs students with mainstreamed peers with a mission to champion inclusion and society amongst these diverse groups of individuals. “It […]

Harlow calculates value of passion

“Growing up, the Red Devils were always the arch-enemy back then,” said Harlow. He went to high school at Harrison. Mr. Harlow may be one of the new teachers in the math department, but he is definitely not new to teaching. He taught at Fountain Central for three years in the early 80s. He then […]

Girls Golf Loses to Benton Central

National Honors Society: Every Student’s Solution to Complex Problems

With midterm reports having already been sent out, some students may have found their grades to have exceeded expectations, while others may have been disappointed. For those in the latter category, the National Honor Society has a solution for you. “The main goal of this chapter of the National Honor Society is, specifically here, tutoring,” […]

Friday Night Lights hoco edition

Crazy Rich Asians’ Crazy Rich Debut

Crazy Rich Asians hits theaters and makes an impact on both people and the movie industry Crazy Rich Asians hit theaters on August 15, and once I heard that it featured a cast made entirely of Asians, I knew I had to see it. I would say that the movie is similar to the common […]

Cheer Squad Hypes Students Up

A Crazy Good Movie

Without much to do in the sleepy town of West Lafayette on a Saturday night, the idea of seeing a movie sounded somewhat appealing for once. Thinking of the countless movie trailers I had seen over the past few weeks on TV, one in specific came to mind that sounded particularly interesting; Crazy Rich Asians. The movie […]

Pentatonix Brings the Thunder to Indiana

On Wednesday September 12, Pentatonix fans from all over Indiana were finally able to hear the acappella group’s sweet vocals. The Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana, hosted Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi, Kevin Olusola, and Matt Sallee, for the 2018 Pentatonix tour. Matt Sallee is Pentatonix’s newest member who took the […]

New Nurse Rolls Into West Side

It’s the middle of the school day and Anna Trautman doesn’t feel well, so  Mrs. Holderly takes her blood pressure and explains everything. In the end Anna was okay and got to return to class pain free. New nurse Mrs. Holderly has wanted to be a nurse since she was a young girl. When she was […]

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