How Many Finals Are You Taking?

History of the Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock Shake from McDonalds is a top hit around St. Patrick’s Day. It is a dark/light green shake with whipped cream on top. Hal Rosen decided to make this shake so when March comes around, their business will sky rocket since it only comes around 1 month out of the year.  It is said […]

The Batman Movie Review (Spoiler-free)

As we know there’s a certain movie receiving a lot of praise in the movie industry. This is the new movie starring Robert Pattinson, The Batman (PG-13). The Batman was a movie about the crime fighting crusader Batman in his second year as a superhero in Gotham City. You track Batman using his skills to […]

Winter Winnings

A look into the student view on the Winter Olympics The Winter Olympics have concluded, with Norway dominating the scene at thirty-seven medals. The United States placed fifth with a count of twenty-five medals, eight of which being gold. Other notable finishes were Canada in fourth with twenty-six, Russian Olympic Committee in second with thirty-two, […]

REACH Coffee Fundraiser

On Wednesday March 30, 2022 members of REACH sold coffee in the cafeteria. Hannah Park (11), Alice Kim (10), Katharine Schertz(12), Fiona Dierckman(9), Grace Lee(9), and Margaret Prokopy (12) helped fundraise for the REACH club by selling coffee in the cafeteria from 7:30 to 8:15 in the morning. “When I saw the cafeteria was doing […]

“Listen, Observe, and Learn” – Welcoming the New Superintendent

3..2..1..BLAST OFF

The Astronomy Club launched this year with its first meeting on January 14, 2022. The club meets in Mr. Whitcomb’s room to discuss aspects of astronomy and to learn about astrological findings. “I liked how casual it is. It’s not super ‘you have to be there every meeting’ you can be there when you want […]


A look into the craze that is Wordle Spurred on by him and his partner’s shared love of words and language, Josh Wardle decided to make a game that set a five-letter word for the player to guess. To make the game easier and more fun for the user, he decided to give indicators on […]

Promote Your Program

On Tuesday February 8, 2022 different school programs were showcased in the Red Devil Dining Court during club time and lunch. When you walked down the ramp and entered the cafeteria, the first table you were met with was Mr. Riesterer’s art table. Three trifold setups decorated to visually display the classes offered. Those classes […]

Board Game Day 2021

On November 19th, the WL Unified Club had a fun board game day. There were numerous games such as Uno, Trouble, charades and more. The game that had the most laughs was charades. All the kids got together and tried to guess the word that their friends were trying to act out without saying any […]