Communication Requires New Rules

With every new way of communication, there comes a new set of rules for proper etiquette. Here is the staff of the Scarlette’s dos and don’ts for social media. Facebook:  Although Facebook used to be popular, now it’s really only used by the older generation. So use Facebook to communicate with family, and to post […]

Students Vary in Social Media Use

If a member of the older generation is asked about the millennials (the generation who reached young adulthood around the 2000’s), one of the most common responses will be about their dependence on technology, especially social media. But how much time do high school students spend on social media websites, and is this considered normal?  […]

King’s Proclamation: The Big Ten

West Lafayette is in the heart of the nation’s most respected group of teams, the Big Ten conference. Since it was established in 1896, the Big Ten always had one or two championship contenders each year. Over the last few years the conference has been especially great in basketball, over the last 8 years the Big […]

“Ratchet” account shocks school

On Wednesday, May 13th, an anonymous Twitter account titled “WL Ratchets” was formed. Immediately, the account started tweeting hurtful and insulting messages targeted at specific West Side students. Some of the tweets even included pictures of the particular student that was being harrassed. “I think it’s probably one of the worst things I’ve seen people […]

West Side Tweets

West side tweets

West side tweets

West Side Tweets

Social Media in the Election

“Reddit is under heavy load right now, sorry. Try again in a few minutes,” was the only thing anyone visiting the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet” could read on Wednesday, August 29. President Barack Obama visited the website on his campaign tour from Charlottesville, VA where the website was founded to answer over 1000 […]


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