Communication Requires New Rules


With every new way of communication, there comes a new set of rules for proper etiquette. Here is the staff of the Scarlette’s dos and don’ts for social media.

Facebook:  Although Facebook used to be popular, now it’s really only used by the older generation. So use Facebook to communicate with family, and to post important updates about your life. Graduated or got accepted to a college? Facebook. The fact that you had a sandwich for lunch today? Save it for Twitter. Also, please don’t post selfies on Facebook! You can save that for Instagram. And while photos of your recent trip are cool, try to keep your photo album to 80 photos or less. After that, it just gets tiresome.

Twitter:  Here is the place for talking about the happenings of your daily life. (Jokes are even better, though.) Please don’t tweet at one person, all the time, however, even if they are a huge part of your life. It makes other people feel excluded and you’ll quickly find your follower count dwindling. On the same vein, don’t tag people who are sitting right next to you in real life. On twitter, tweets that can apply to more than one person are preferable. This is your message to the world, not just to your best friend.

Instagram:  Instagram is for capturing memories in photo form. Selfies are welcome here, as well as pictures of what you’re having for lunch (if it looks tasty.) Don’t spam your followers, however, by posting tons and tons of essentially the same picture, varied only by the color of your shirt. This is also not the place for hashtags. They’re fine on Twitter, but obnoxious here.

Vine: Vine is dead. Please don’t use it anymore.

There are also some general rules for social media, which cover these and many other platforms. Be aware of what platform you’re using and of what audience is seeing your posts. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re breaking the law; it’s not cool at all. Also don’t try to be cool. Just be yourself! This extends past your posts, as well. Don’t feel bad about unfollowing accounts that post things you don’t like, or that make you uncomfortable. Don’t feel bad about locking your account, as well. If something makes you uncomfortable, take all the steps you can to eliminate that problem. Social media is supposed to be fun, after all.


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