Students prepare for the SATs

If you’re a high school student, especially at West Side, you’re familiar with the SATs. These nationwide, standardized tests are usually associated with stress, but some students do have methods on how to make the most out of it. Libby Sasser, a junior, took the exam for the first time on January 21st. Sasser didn’t […]

Debate Prepares for State

This weekend our school’s debate team will be competing in the IHSFA State Debate in Kokomo, Indiana after over a semester of build up. “Debate requires a lot of research.” said student Arjun Ramani, who has been participating in debate for three years, after his sister participated and encouraged him to do so as well. […]

A Day to Remember

On January 20th, 2017, the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States will be held on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Donald Trump and Mike Pence will be sworn in at exactly 12:00 noon, following the tradition of past presidents. Mr. Brian Fultz, […]


RDTV EP 3 (in the tunnels)

RDTV Episode 2 (2/16/16)

Movie Studio will be a new addition to Media Center

Students will soon be able to walk into a room off the library and record and save high-definition video, all with a single remote. The concept is really simple, a movie recording studio where three buttons control the entire system. Ms. Hinman, the new School Librarian, discovered the idea of a “super simple media recording […]

SAT updates are coming soon

Those who will be taking the SAT starting March 2016 will see the all new changes made to the test in order to “make sure it’s highly relevant to your future success,” according to the College Board website. The major updates that will be made to the SAT include the components, the testing time, and […]

New Choir Class Offered for Female Singers

Vwa Bèl, a brand new all-women’s choir, is now being offered at West Side during fourth hour. Mr. Waltz teaches this class, and also teaches the other choir classes being offered. “This new choir has a distinct personality,” said Mr. Waltz, “And they rehearse different because they are the first of their kind”, meaning they […]

Front Drive to Undergo Construction

Beginning in late September, the Grant street entrance will be under construction for a reported five weeks as the drive will be extended to make the security entrance easier to access. This will help visitors and disabled students as they enter the building.  The construction itself will have a minimal effect on the students and […]

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