New Choir Class Offered for Female Singers

Vwa Bèl, a brand new all-women’s choir, is now being offered at West Side during fourth hour. Mr. Waltz teaches this class, and also teaches the other choir classes being offered. “This new choir has a distinct personality,” said Mr. Waltz, “And they rehearse different because they are the first of their kind”, meaning they […]

Front Drive to Undergo Construction

Beginning in late September, the Grant street entrance will be under construction for a reported five weeks as the drive will be extended to make the security entrance easier to access. This will help visitors and disabled students as they enter the building.  The construction itself will have a minimal effect on the students and […]

FIRST Robotics: Starting the year out

What exactly is Robotics? The school’s go-to tech guy for any information, Brad Thompson, can easily help and explain that robotics is the design, operation, construction, and application of robots.     Daphne Fauber ‘18, student and active member of the Robotics Team, said, “This year we would really like to expand our outreach program […]

Academic Superbowl makes the cut

On Tuesday April 21st, Academic Superbowl state qualifications competition was held in Attica. Out of the 6 teams, the science, math, English, and interdisciplinary team are continuing on to state. on May 9th at the Purdue Playhouse. The math and science teams both placed first in the state, while English placed second and interdisciplinary placed […]

Retiring teachers leave their mark

Fusun: Plans for retirement: “Go back to being a full time artist. I hope to find a gallery to display my work.” Teaching career: 29 years Why leaving now: “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I realized that I’ll never be ready to go, so I made the decision to leave now.” […]

German exchange students bring culture

New, eager young faces flooded the halls of West Side this April as another group from Germany came for a two week visit to the United States. This year’s batch of German students visiting were from the city of Bad Camberg, which is around 50 miles north of Frankfurt. This visit is not just a […]

RFRA Law takes Indiana by storm

The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, otherwise known as the RFRA or SB 101, comes into effect on July 1, 2015. This law has caused a lot of problems for our state, from national outrage to a decrease in investment. While many have shown their personal disgust for this piece of legislation, there are many […]

The Y-Drive had some trouble

“There was a power glitch in the server room,” part of West Lafayette’s computer tech support Brad Thompson said about the loss of the y-drive before spring break, “and a couple of hard drives crashed in the process.” At the end of March the drive was restored and back up for West Side to start […]

Wall of Pride

Since the construction of West Lafayette Jr. Sr. High School in 1939, there have been many students who have gone on to do many good things and make a name for themselves in the world of sports, music, science and many other areas as well. Recently, the school decided to honor a small group for […]

Student council election results are here

Executive Board: President – Isabelle Li V. President – Matthew Lim Secretary – Daniel Afolabi As the school year concludes, the newly elected board members of student council are sorting out their plans for the next school year. The student council continuously carries out service projects, the council’s primary contribution to the school. Daniel Afolabi […]

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