Fish Out of water

On October 12th 2017, the swim and dive teams played ultimate frisbee in place of their usual conditioning.A swimmer leaps in attempt to catch the frisbee thrown by his team mate.

After school on October 12th, the West Lafayette High School swim and dive teams met with the FISH Aquatics team on the field behind Happy Hollow Elementary School.

Every two weeks the two groups take a break from their normal conditioning routine to engage in a game of ultimate frisbee. This tradition has been going on for numerous years within the High School Teams. “It’s become the team’s favorite non swimming way to spend practice.” Darby Bigelow (11).

The game works like so, “Two captains are chosen at random, they then engage in an elementary form of picking teams: best players first, then down to the scrubs. Our coach, Sean, then picks which team he would like to play on. Usually the team Maddie Sheiss (11) is not on.” Bigelow laughs.

Ultimate frisbee is played a lot like football in the sense that the frisbee is dead when it touches the ground and the goal of the game is to get the frisbee into the opposing team’s goal. The offense and defense also have to strategize and come up with tactics to get around the opposing team.

After establishing the teams, members create goal markings on the field with their backpacks and the two teams take their opposing sides. Then, the game begins. “Each game is played to ten points, when one team reaches ten points, the game is called and we all go take a water break before organizing new teams and starting the whole thing over again” Bigelow. “We always play to ten points even if it means going over our practice time.”

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