Construction Junction, What’s Your Function?

Although it is clear that West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School is undergoing major renovations, how much do you really know about the new changes at the school?

Students Line up for Mama Ines

See You at the Pole Event Brings Students Together

On a cold Wednesday morning, at 7:00 am, a group of students were set to gather at the flagpole neighboring Grant Street, but the threat of rain pushed the group onto the steps. It might be strange to see a group of teens gathered in the dark before school, but they had a purpose. What […]

Pep Rally Rockin’

The She Devils kill their pep rally performance Friday after school, continue trend at  following football game Homecoming, a tradition that has gone on for decades, is an event in which the alumni of West Side are invited back to their beloved high school. For current students, it is a week of fun-filled spirit days, pep […]

Friday Night Lights hoco edition

WL Backpack Program

  The West Lafayette backpacks organization is a volunteer and donation based organization dedicated to helping feed underprivileged families in our community. This program was started about 10 years ago but is still widely unknown by a lot of people at West side. The important work this volunteer group does helps hundreds of your fellow […]

Behind The Mask

On Saturday, February 24, West Lafayette’s VISTA put on their annual semi-formal winter dance. Students enjoyed an elaborate evening full of dancing and fellowship in the Jr. High gym. The theme was a masquerade and included sparkling red, black, and gold decorations and a photo booth where students could get a Polaroid picture with friends. […]

One Donation can Save Three Lives

The blood drive that took place on January 17th in the WLHS cafeteria was a success.  Many high school students showed up and even the community outside of school played an impact towards the importance of donating blood. The process of donating is worth the time and effort it requires as just one pint of donated […]

Mason the Manager

Many people know about the Best Buddies program, but the students involved in it do more things outside of Best Buddies and school too. Mason is one of the guys that is greatly involved in Best Buddies, and he is a Sophomore here at West Side. Mason loves the game of football, and he decided […]


It’s no secret that in order to be an elite level wrestler, an arduous amount of dedication and diligence is required. Success does not come easily or quickly.  Even if a competitor considers “winning” as the most fun part of the sport, many are driven more by a hatred of losing than a love of […]

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