Cross Country and Films

Movie fanatic and running extraordinaire Dylan Williams splits his time between school, running, and movies.  “I try to watch at least 2 movies every weekend but I feel completely productive if I watch 5”, Williams said.   Balancing classes and running cross country he plans out his movies and which ones he will watch next. […]

Nate Smith

As a soccer player and superfan captain Nate Smith has his hands full during the fall season.  “I think being the junior superfan captain is pretty cool and i was looking forward to it since my freshman year”, Smith said.  As the soccer team battles through the season the team hopes for a couple more […]

Senior Volleyball Player: Lydia baker

After a tough loss to McCutcheon the West Lafayette Volleyball team bounced back with two wins against Benton Central and Crawfordsville.  Senior captain Lydia Baker has had large contributions to the wins and how the team has played.   “I love my team because when we are all playing our game and we are playing […]

Seriously Speaking

  Olivia Long: “Good luck because high school sucks and its gonna be a long time before FREEDOM!! Casey Crosser: “Try your freshman year!! Don’t blow it off!” Dom Patacsil: “Do it big” Alicia Cheng: “Stop being a nerd” Joy Gray: “Don’t worry about other people and just do you”

Tommy Bien creates his own path

Tommy plans to major in telecommunications at Ball State.  He wants to have a career involving media production and is an active member of the Film Club. “We’re always looking for more things to explore as a club,” said Tommy. Tommy’s friends describe him as being passionate about movies. “He’s a pretty fly guy,” said Tommy’s […]

All hail Lindsey Haehl

As a school, our marching band is known throughout the community as a presence, both in the gymnasium and on the football field. The team supports the sports with great music when our athletics are winning, and are a beacon of light and entertainment when they are not. This skilled group is led by none other than Lindsey […]

Alex Bougher travels the world

Traveling the world is something that a person plans to accomplish some time in their life, usually at an older when one has retired from working.  What happens when someone has traveled the world at already a such a relatively young age? Alex Bougher ’15 has moved 13 times, been to 11 different countries, and […]

Featured Senior: Daniel Hallett

When Daniel Hallett ’15 started pursuing music in 7th grade, the band director at the time, Mr. Conaway, had a huge influence on him. The director’s evident ambition and enthusiasm were what inspired Hallett to become a musician. Hallett’s contribution to the school’s music department and the West Lafayette and Lafayette community is extraordinary. He […]

Teacher pet peeves

Senora Espinoza Chewing gum with your mouth open. Bad drivers in the parking lot. Mispronouncing “Zapatos”.   Mr. Smith People touching things on my desk. Throwing plastic in the paper recycling bins. Running in the door after the bell has rang. Doing work from other classes. Mrs. Kincaid When I go in the bathroom, and there’s […]

Kate French leaves her mark on the school

Kate French ’15 said that she first joined the robotics team because her brother was in it. Then she jokingly added, “if he can do it, then I can do it…then I did it better.” French’15 has been on the team for four years now, and is the vice president along with president, Monica Bravo […]

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